Arthur C. Clarke’s second law is: “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” In machine learning and artificial intelligence, we have seen some ventures into the impossible. Breakthroughs that were deemed infeasible, or at least far off, not long ago.

This Blog is about machine learning and artificial intelligence both in theory and research as well as real-world applications. Besides that, I will also write about other interesting technological, philosophical questions that deal with current or future developments.

In general, I take an optimistic, pro-human perspective. A positive vision of the future is needed, if we want to build it.

Personally, I try to take part in pushing the envelope in technology: Currently, I am working as a data scientist and machine learning engineer at Siemens where I am part of a group driving digitalization projects in manufacturing.

For more information on me, visit my personal webpage, my LinkedIn profile, or follow me on twitter. If you want to work with me on some exciting project — or just have a chat about how we build the future, shoot me an email at lukas.spranger — at — gmail.